Garden Greens Review: What’s Up With Craft Cannabis In NJ?

It’s a new era of cannabis in New Jersey. Craft cultivation has arrived, and Garden Greens is leading the way as one of the state’s first independent adult-use cultivators. Get to this brand and learn more about some of the Garden Green strains available at Queen City. About Garden Greens Based in Vineland in South […]

Where’s The Best Place to Buy Cannabis In New Jersey?

Where’s The Best Place to Buy Cannabis In New Jersey? Are you looking to dive into the New Jersey cannabis scene? We’re here to spill the tea on all things green and provide you with a go-to guide for navigating top-notch cannabis in the Garden State. Get ready to discover the best spots to elevate […]

The Queens of Queen City: Meet The Team That Makes Our Dispensary Shine

At Queen City, we’re not just proud to be one of the first adult-use dispensaries in the Garden State — we’re proud to be among the first woman-owned dispensaries in New Jersey as well. Meet some of the women who make Queen City the place to be in Plainfield. Jennifer Brandt, Owner and President, Queen […]

Empowering Women Through Clothing: Recapping Queen City’s WHM Clothing Drive

Two women at QCD's WHM clothing drive.

In celebration of Women’s History Month, Queen City partnered with holistic gardener and community advocate Holistic Heavan for a clothing drive aimed at supporting women in need in the community. From March 8th to March 28th, the drive held at Queen City collected gently used women’s clothes to benefit those undergoing transitional periods in their […]

What Is CBN? Learn How This Cannabinoid Fits Into Your Routine

CBN Tincture near Cannabis leaf.

Chances are when you think about what makes cannabis “work,” you’ll think of two cannabinoids: Tetrahydrocannabinol, popularly known as THC, and Cannabidiol, or CBD. Although THC and CBD are the most renowned cannabinoids by far, there are more than 100 found in the plant, each with its own set of characteristics. Cannabinol, or CBN, is […]

Cannabis for Relaxation: 10 Products to Try

Dealing with stress and anxiety is a common problem, and cannabis may be able to help. With the right cannabis strains and a balance of THC and CBD, relaxation may just be a puff or two away. Here’s what you need to know about finding cannabis products tailored to helping you relax. How does cannabis […]

Cannabis For Sleep: 10 Products to Try

Cannabis capsules with a Sleeping mask and calming tea drink.

Sleep is a common reason cited for cannabis consumption, but is it really as simple as a nighttime toke or edible to put you off to dreamland? The mechanisms of cannabis and sleep are a bit more complex than that, but that’s not to say the plant can’t help. Here’s what you need to know […]

Cannabis Strain Guide: What Does It All Mean?

If you’ve been to a dispensary or read anything about weed online, you’ve probably heard the term “strain.” What, exactly, is a strain? How do strains affect your cannabis experience? Let’s explore with this handy cannabis strain guide. What are strains, and where do they come from? Strains are a loose categorization term for different […]

Exploring ButACake: NJ’s Most Innovative Edibles

ButACake’s arrival in the NJ edible market has quickly captured the attention of cannabis enthusiasts thanks to its blend of convenience, quality, and affordability. Despite its newcomer status in the legal market, ButACake brings innovation and excitement, promising new experiences for consumers. Join us as we uncover what makes this brand stand out amidst NJ’s […]

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