Cannabis Edibles in NJ

A discreet yet enjoyable twist on cannabis, edibles are one of the most popular products you can get your hands on in the Garden State.

Cannabis edibles 101

Edibles are ingestible cannabis products like foods and beverages that contain THC and other cannabinoids and terpenes, depending on the brand and product you buy. These products are infused with cannabis flower concentrate. An infused food item contains a set amount of THC, CBD, CBN, or other cannabinoids per serving. This is measured in milligrams and listed on the product package or dispensary menu.

Edibles in New Jersey: What can you buy?


Edibles are legal in New Jersey. Legal infused product categories used to include just tinctures, syringes, lozenges, and soft chews like gummies. However, as of September 2023, the New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission (CRC) voted to allow additional edible forms in the adult-use cannabis program, including infused chocolates, baked goods, butters, jams, and beverages.

How edibles work

If you’ve ever heard that edibles “hit different,” that’s no myth. Edibles work differently in your body than smoking a joint or vaping, and this process makes all the difference in your experience.

Be patient:

Edibles take longer to have an effect

When you smoke, vape, or dab, you can expect to feel the effects of THC quite quickly, typically within 10 to 15 minutes. Not so with a cannabis edible. These cannabis products need to make their way through your digestive system first. That takes time. The wait time for edibles to kick in can be as short as 30 minutes or as long as 2 hours or more, depending on your experience, tolerance level, your metabolism, and what you’ve eaten that day, among other factors.

Settle in:

The edibles experience last longer than other product types

That same digestion process is what makes edibles last longer than smoking, dabbing, or vaping. The THC and other cannabinoids take their time making their way through your digestive system, so peak effects occur hours after you’ve actually eaten your edible. For many, the peak effects of the edible occur around 3 hours after ingestion. You may find that your experience lasts for longer, especially if you had a large dose.

Hold on to your hat:

Edibles feel stronger

When you ingest THC, it breaks down into a metabolite called 11-hydroxy-THC. This metabolite is much more potent than delta-9-THC alone — an estimated 1.5 to 1.7 times more potent. So if you’ve ever wondered why an edible feels different than lighting up a joint, there’s science to back up that feeling.

What are lozenges and soft chews? What do they have to do with cannabis edibles in New Jersey?

Soft chews, sometimes called “soft lozenges,” are another term for cannabis edibles used in New Jersey. This refers to the types of edibles — lozenges and soft chews like gummies — currently allowed in New Jersey’s adult-use cannabis program. If you see a product that looks like a gummy but it’s described as a soft lozenge or soft chew on the package or the dispensary menu, it’s still an edible, just under a different name.

Edible sizes in New Jersey

State law says that each package of cannabis edibles cannot contain more than 100mg of THC. This can be divided into smaller serving sizes. For example, you may find a 10-pack of gummies where each gummy contains 10mg of THC. Other common serving sizes include 5mg of THC and 2.5mg of THC. Closely read the package you’re buying to confirm the serving size of the product, and don’t hesitate to cut a single dose in half or into quarters if you want a smaller amount of cannabis.

How many edibles can I buy per day when shopping at Queen City?

You can buy up to 1,000 mg of edibles per day when shopping at New Jersey cannabis dispensaries like Queen City. You can divide that amount however you wish. For example, you can buy up to 10 packages of edibles that contain 100mg each in one transaction.

New Jersey edible brands carried by Queen City

Our Plainfield, NJ dispensary has a wide selection of edible brands! You’ll find many of the most popular products at Queen City, including:

  • 1906
  • Bits
  • Snoozzzberry
  • Wana
  • Verano
  • Valhalla
  • Select
  • X-bites
  • And many more!


Head to our dispensary or check out our menu online to see our latest selection in real time.

Tips for edible newbies

Start low and go slow:

This mantra is oft-repeated for a reason. Try a small amount and wait to see how you feel. The typical “small” dose is 5mg, but it’s totally OK to try an even lower serving at 2.5mg.

Wait a while:

Edibles have to make their way through your stomach and liver before you feel the cannabinoids. Don’t eat more after an hour or so of waiting — you may feel uncomfortably high.

Get to a comfy place:

Where you are and who you sesh with is just as important as the product you’re taking. Make sure you feel safe and comfortable among friends and loved ones to set the right vibe.

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