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Queen City offers a wide array of weed accessories you need to enjoy cannabis flower, prerolls, and concentrates.

What types of cannabis accessories are sold at Queen City?


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The first step to many cannabis flower sessions is to prep the flower you want to enjoy. A grinder is essential for that, breaking apart the flower without getting your hands dirty, or damaging the flower in the process. You’ll find lots of designs and models out there, including multi-layered ones that catch your ground flower and hold onto the potent kief that falls off the plant.

Cannabis lovers know the feeling: You’re ready to settle down and enjoy your weed, but your lighter is nowhere to be found. Never get caught without at Queen City — you’ll find lighters galore in our shop. Pick one up on your way out the dispensary door.

Keep your cannabis and all your weed accessories organized with a rolling tray. Not only does it offer a flat surface you can use to prep your joints, but contains any bits of flower that may escape from the grinder while you’re rolling.

Whether you like to build your own joints or you’d rather take a shortcut on the road to your sesh, Queen City has you covered. We offer all the supplies you need to roll your own joint, with a variety of papers to choose from. Don’t like rolling? You can always shop our selection of prerolls!

Peanut butter and jelly, peas and carrots, vape carts and vape pen batteries. At Queen City, you can pick up your favorite vape carts and the devices you’ll need to consume them, all in one place. Choose from a number of 510-thread batteries, which fit any standard vape cart sold at our dispensary. We also sell Airo vaporizers, which work with the Airo Pods available at Queen City.

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A classic way to enjoy your flower, glass pipes are as statement-worthy as they are practical. These glass pieces are functional works of art, available in many shapes, colors, and designs. Enjoy your flower with a glass pipe, or add some concentrate to the flower for an extra kick.

Known for their glass artistry and for their smoke production, bongs take your session to the next level. Each one is designed with a long neck, a chamber for water, and a bowl attached to a stem. Together, these components filter smoke through water for a less direct hit. Just like a glass pipe, you can put flower in the bowl, or add concentrate to take your session up a notch.

Also called chillums, one-hitters have just enough space for — you guessed it — one hit of cannabis flower. Grind up just enough flower for a single hit, place it in the one-hitter, and you’re ready to go.

Dabbing gets a modern upgrade with an e-rig. With e-rigs, you can enjoy the concentrate of your choice with the advantage of precise temperature control, ideal for preserving flavor, Plus, you won’t need a blowtorch to enjoy wax, shatter, budder, or any other dab of your choosing!

The best way to enjoy concentrates on the go, electronic dab pens distill the multi-step dabbing process into a simple, smooth procedure. Some models, like dab straws or honey straws, let you pop the dab pen right into your concentrate. Other types of wax pens have a chamber where you put the concentrate. In either case, these devices take a lot of the hassle out of dabbing.

What do you need to smoke cannabis?

Weed. First and foremost! Shop for your favorite cannabis flower strain from Queen City.

Grinder. You use this to break apart your flower.

Rolling tray. Keep your cannabis organized and your tabletop mess-free.

Your chosen method. This could involve papers and filters, a pre-rolled cone, a glass pipe, your bong, or a one-hitter. You can even explore the world of portable vapes and desktop vaporizers. The choice is yours!

What do you need to dab?

Concentrate. Select your ideal extract from a wide range of textures and varieties.

A way to dab. You can opt for a dab rig made of glass or silicone, or opt for an electronic model. There are also portable vaporizers, desktop vaporizers, and dab pens that you can try out.

A way to heat your dab rig. You can use a small blowtorch or an e-nail to heat a glass or silicone dab rig. If your chosen device is electronic, you won’t need the blowtorch at all.

Dab mat. These thick placemats are a heat-resistant place to put down your dabbing materials.

Dab tool. These handy items are used to place a small amount of concentrate into your chosen dabbing device.

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