Your Guide to Buying Cannabis Flower in NJ

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you’ll find an array of cannabis flower options for relaxing, celebrating, sleeping — really, anything under the sun that brings you joy. Get to know cannabis flower: How it’s sold, where to buy it, how much you can buy, and more.

What is cannabis flower?

Cannabis flower is the dried and cured part of the plant that you buy from the dispensary and take home to enjoy. Whether you call it marijuana, weed, pot, flower, bud, grass, or something else altogether, people around the world have turned to cannabis flower for millennia to uplift their spirits, unwind after a long day, or get a good night’s rest.

What kind of cannabis flower is for sale in New Jersey?

At Queen City, we sell cannabis flower from top brands like Cookies, Kind Tree, Miss Grass, Simply Herb, Savvy, Rythm, and many more. Indica, sativa, and hybrid flower is available at our dispensary. You’ll find beloved strains like Gary Payton, GG #4, Animal Face alongside great New Jersey originals, like NJ Gas Man. Explore our menu to find the right cannabis flower for you!


How is cannabis flower sold?

Cannabis flower is packaged and sold at varying weights. Most common is an “eighth,” which is 1/8th an ounce of cannabis. This is also expressed in grams – if you see 3.5 grams on the menu, it means 1/8th ounce. The next-biggest size you can buy is 7 grams, or ¼ ounce of cannabis. 

You’ll also see a “premium flower” category. Sometimes called reserve or top shelf flower, these buds are celebrated for their cannabinoid and terpene content, pristine appearance, and carefully-tuned trimming and curing.

Don’t want to grind and roll yourself? Try out our wide selection of prerolls at Queen City, which takes all the hard work (and guesswork) out of preparing your own flower.

Accordion Content

Also called “trim,” shake is what’s left over after cannabis buds are trimmed and manicured. You can use shake or trim just like you would whole cannabis flower, for rolling or packing into a glass piece, vaping, or for making your own edibles and other infused products at home. Oftentimes, it’s cheaper than buying whole cannabis flower.

Also called “smalls,” popcorn buds is a nickname for cannabis flower that’s smaller than typical size. Chemically, these buds are exactly the same as other cannabis flower. The only difference is the size.

How much does cannabis flower cost in New Jersey?

An eighth (3.5 grams) of cannabis flower averages around $60 in New Jersey.

Make your purchases count. Sign up for our Royalty program to get access to exclusive deals and earn points toward your next purchase!

How much cannabis flower can you buy per dispensary visit in New Jersey?

You can buy up to 1 ounce of cannabis flower per day from Queen City in Plainfield or any other New Jersey dispensary. This limit is required by New Jersey law.

How is cannabis flower tested in New Jersey?

All cannabis flower sold at New Jersey dispensaries is tested by an accredited laboratory in the Garden State. At minimum, laboratories test for and provide Certificates of Analysis (COAs) regarding the flower’s cannabinoid content, including THC and THC-A, CBD and CBD-A, CBG and CBG-A, and CBN. Labs test flower for terpenes as well. Labs also conduct a physical inspection of the sample for foreign materials like sand and dirt, microbial contamination, and mold contamination, among others. Additional testing varies from brand to brand. Queen City keeps COAs on hand for all products that we sell, which can be made available upon request.

Do I need a card to shop at Queen City?

Nope! Cards are only needed to shop at a medical cannabis dispensary. Queen City is an adult-use dispensary and therefore does not require medical marijuana cards for entry. All you need is a non-expired, government-issued ID to verify that you are 21 or older.

Why shop at Queen City?

We’re locally-owned and Plainfield-proud!

At Queen City, we’re proud to be a part of this thriving and vibrant community.

We have a wide product selection.

From cannabis flower to edibles to topicals, you’ll find it all at Queen City.

Our budtenders want to help.

We’re here to get to know you and guide you as you explore cannabis. Ask us about our favorite products!

Shop cannabis flower at New Jersey’s Queen City

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