Cannabis for Relaxation: 10 Products to Try

Dealing with stress and anxiety is a common problem, and cannabis may be able to help. With the right cannabis strains and a balance of THC and CBD, relaxation may just be a puff or two away. Here’s what you need to know about finding cannabis products tailored to helping you relax.

How does cannabis relax you?

When it comes to relaxation, no one does it quite like cannabis. The plant may be able to help you unwind in a few ways, including:

  • Mental relaxation. When things go wrong, our brains can clutch on tightly to negative emotions. Letting go is key to reducing stress, but it can be hard to just release a negative day or emotion. Cannabis can help us find a new perspective and reframe events from terrible to manageable. Certain cannabis products may help relieve anxiety, shake off negativity, and remember that life is good.
  • Physical relaxation. Stress manifests in your body, in clenched jaws, tight shoulders, and tense muscles. Cannabis can help with shaking off the physical symptoms of stress through muscle relaxation and pain reduction. After all, it’s much easier to be relaxed when you’re not in pain.
  • Endocannabinoid stimulation. Your endocannabinoid system — the ECS for short — is responsible for managing many biological functions, including your stress response. Activating your ECS with cannabinoids from cannabis products, alongside stress-coping tools, can help reduce your mental load.


10 cannabis strains and products that may support relaxation

Banana Daddy

Type: Flower

At 26% THC, there’s already plenty to help anyone forget their worries. But when you add in a relaxing terp profile of myrcene and caryophyllene, you start to understand why Banana Daddy is a go-to hybrid strain for dealing with stressful days.

Blueberry Breath

Type: Flower

Typically a strain dominant in pinene is energizing, and while this may be the case, many people report feeling happy and relaxed with Blueberry Breath. It could be because it has a healthy 20% THC, or it could be because caryophyllene and myrcene, two relaxing terpenes, follow pinene in the terpene profile of this strain.

Blue Dream

Type: Flower

Blue Dream is a strain that can go either way. Some people find it intensely relaxing, while others feel it has a stimulating effect that makes them creative and chatty, thanks to the relaxing myrcene and energizing pinene in this strain’s terpene profile.

OG Kush

Type: Vape 

When it comes to cannabis for relaxation, OG Kush is a classic. This strain is celebrated as one of the best of all time, partly due to its intensely relaxing high experience. A terpene profile of myrcene, caryophyllene, and limonene helps you forget the stress of the day, but don’t overdo it. Vapes can contain 77% THC or more — a bit too much, and you might trade relaxed for couch-locked.

Avexia Balm

Type: Topical 

If physical pain has got you tense, reach for this topical balm from Avexia. It’s made with equal parts CBD and THC for maximum inflammation and pain reduction. It also has linalool, a terpene well known for its relaxing properties. Pair this topical with a relaxing inhaled product for maximum effects.

Avexia Strawberry Orange Cream Tincture

Type: Tincture 

With a 1:1 ratio of CBD and THC, this Avexia tincture delivers balance. THC provides mood-boosting properties while CBD helps balance out the intoxicating effects of THC and keep you centered. The terpene limonene helps reduce anxiety and keep you calm yet alert.

Miss Grass Happiest Hour

Type: Pre-roll

Miss Grass’ pre-rolls are blended for specific situations, like getting home after a long day of work, turning on a playlist, and lighting up a joint on the couch. Strains Banana Daddy and Mamba Fruit are blended in the Happiest Hour pre-rolls for an intense 26% THC content, while myrcene and linalool help you relax.

1906 Chill Tin

Type: Edible 

Need a literal chill pill? We got you. Look no further than these unique edibles from 1906, formulated with more CBD than THC to help you take the edge off without lifting off. The addition of two traditionally calming plant medicines, magnolia, and L-theanine, means there’s no guesswork, no smoke, and no smell – just pure relaxation.

Wana Strawberry Lemonade Gummies

Type: Edible 

With a balanced 1:1 ratio of CBD and THC, these Wana gummies were made to help you relax without sinking into the couch. Formulated with 10mg of mood-boosting, trouble-erasing THC and 10mg of balance-bringing CBD, Wana’s gummies are like a sigh of relief for your mind.

Fernway Lavender Dream

Type: Vape

Relaxing linalool takes center stage in this lavender vape cartridge from Fernway, a strain named for its high linalool content. With more than 1% linalool, this strain is as close to aromatherapy as cannabis gets.

Tips for choosing a cannabis product for relaxation

Not every product is created equally for relaxation or anxiety reduction. The type of cannabis product you choose matters when you’re shopping for cannabis for relaxation. Look for a product with higher levels of CBD if you’re sensitive to the effects of high amounts of THC.

Everyone’s endocannabinoid system is different, and what is relaxing for one person may not be relaxing for another. If you’re prone to anxiety, stick with products that have a lower THC potency to reduce the chances of negative side effects, or try CBD products that don’t have any THC. And as always, start low and go slow — too much THC can make some people more anxious, so your best bet is to not overdo it at first. Take a small amount of your product of choice and wait to see how you feel before taking any more.

Does indica vs. sativa matter when choosing a cannabis product for relaxation?

Indica and Sativa don’t matter when choosing a cannabis product for relaxation.

Indica and sativa are descriptive biology terms; they are phenotypes used to sort the plant by its physical characteristics. Indica and Sativa cannabis strains tell you more about the plant’s appearance and its parental strains than it does about the potency or cannabinoid content. While landrace strains — strains that have been unaltered from nature — may have had similarities in their cannabinoid content, today’s cannabis plants are so interbred that these terms aren’t a good way to tell if a product will be relaxing.

Instead, look at the cannabinoid content, especially the THC and CBD percentages, of the product you want to buy. THC acts differently in a low dose than how it reacts in a high dose. High THC levels may cause anxiety while lower THC potency products can help you relax without inducing anxiety or paranoia. The presence of CBD can help balance the effects of THC.

The terpene profile of your products matters, too. Terpenes like linalool have a strong research background on relaxation properties, while others like pinene tend to be more stimulating.

That isn’t to say that high-potency THC products can’t help you relax. If you’re a long-time cannabis consumer who enjoys going big, then go big. But if you’re just starting with the plant for relaxation, start with a low dose and go slow. Getting too high too quickly is the opposite of relaxing.

Pair cannabis with these 5 relaxing activities

Cannabis can heighten our current sensations, so if you’re seeking some serious relaxation, consider pairing your next sesh with one of these activities.


Cannabis and yoga go hand in hand in traditional Ayurvedic medicine. Smoking a bowl or taking an edible before you roll out the mat can help you eliminate distractions, stay present, and feel each intentional movement in your body.


Did you know that in the Ayurvedic tradition, yoga is meant to come before meditation to help you cultivate a present, embodied state of mind? Whether or not you do yoga, pairing a relaxing cannabis strain and meditation can help you move from a place of distraction into a present, calm state of mind.


Our bodies were made to move – but after a long day, taking a walk is sometimes the last thing we want to do. Pairing cannabis with a simple movement like walking helps us relieve built-up tension in the body, become more aware of the natural world in our surroundings, and get some fresh air. (A nickname for 0.5g joints is “dog walkers” for this very reason.)


Can’t dance like no one is watching? Close your blinds, enjoy a quick toke, and turn on the tunes. Movement is important for relieving stress and anxiety; sometimes, you just need to let go and let the rhythm take you away.

Bath time

Soaking away the stress of the day is a time-honored way of dealing with being overwhelmed. Whether you mix an infused mocktail, use a CBD bath bomb, or hit the bong in the tub, pairing cannabis with a soothing tub of hot water helps melt away stress.

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Cannabis can be a great tool for stress management, as long as it’s not your only tool. Pair the plant with healthy movement, getting outside, and positive intentions to make the most of its stress-relieving potential.

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