The Queens of Queen City: Meet The Team That Makes Our Dispensary Shine

At Queen City, we’re not just proud to be one of the first adult-use dispensaries in the Garden State — we’re proud to be among the first woman-owned dispensaries in New Jersey as well. Meet some of the women who make Queen City the place to be in Plainfield.

Jennifer Brandt, Owner and President, Queen City Dispensary

Introduce yourself!

I am a Jersey girl who wears many hats. As an entrepreneur, I am an owner and President of Queen City Dispensary in Plainfield, New Jersey. I am also an attorney and international mediator who facilitates dispute resolution and peacemaking globally.

The challenge of new ventures, whether opening one of the first adult-use cannabis dispensaries in New Jersey or undertaking disputes in international court systems, gives me meaning. I love traveling around the world for work and for pleasure, having been to more than 70 countries so far, with more on the horizon. I am the proud mother to five adult children and grandmother to 10, ranging in age from 2 to 13 years.

What inspired you to work in cannabis?

I was of the generation who enjoyed cannabis when it came on the scene. Cannabis was fun then (and it is now)! Cannabis was a way to bond, and it created a camaraderie among us. After so many decades, it is finally legal and the stigma from the past — including the unfair punishment of many or the fallacy that cannabis was a gateway drug — is starting to fade.

I also enjoy the intergenerational use between parents and their adult children. When the opportunity to enter this work presented itself through my son-in-law, a founding partner in one of the leading cannabis law firms in the U.S., I jumped at the chance.

Why did you choose Plainfield to open a dispensary?

I grew up in Plainfield and now live in the town next door. Plainfield is an extraordinary town. In my childhood, it was a microcosm and diverse in every way; socially, economically, ethnically, racially, and religiously. We had a vibrant downtown and excellent schools. There was and is a true connection between people who grew up there, and many of those of us remain the best of friends to this day. I was happy to give something back to the community where I lived during the formative years of my life.

What can the cannabis industry do to improve women’s involvement in the space?

While many women own businesses in the cannabis space, sometimes in name only, I would like to see more of us being the operators of these businesses. Women can and should be leaders. Networking and being part of business organizations and Chambers of Commerce will help encourage their active participation.

Britt Sobolewski, Director of Retail Operations

Introduce yourself!

I’m Britt, and I’ve been in the cannabis space for four years and I genuinely appreciate its unique rhythm. Willow, my pup is my trusty sidekick, and our daily walks are the highlight of my day, especially when accompanied by my latest favorite strain. When I’m not working, you’ll often find me adding to my tattoo collection, tending to my plants, or exploring the great outdoors.

What inspired you to choose the cannabis industry?

I chose to work in the cannabis industry because it offers a unique blend of passion, innovation, and social impact. It’s a space where creativity and entrepreneurship thrive, and where there’s a strong focus on health and wellness. Being part of this evolving industry allows for continuous learning and personal growth and gives me the opportunity to make a meaningful difference both professionally and within the community.

What are your top strains at Queen City?

It’s a tough call! There are so many awesome brands out there, all bringing their best to the table with incredible products. But I’d have to say, Cherry Kush Mintz by Garden Greens, Baby Jokerz by Anthologie, and Wedding Cake are my current favorites.

What can the cannabis industry do to encourage more women leaders in the space?

Increase the representation of women in leadership roles within cannabis companies. This provides diverse perspectives and fosters a more inclusive workplace culture. Additionally, ensuring that women receive equal pay for equal work and have the same opportunities for advancement as their male counterparts is crucial.

I also want to see more cannabis companies implement policies and practices to prevent discrimination, harassment, and bias in the workplace. That’s essential for creating a safe and inclusive environment where women feel valued and respected.

I’d love to see more companies invest in the research and development of cannabis products that address the unique health and wellness needs of women. This can meet the diverse needs of consumers and promote inclusivity.

Finally, the industry should continue its support of advocacy efforts and policy reform initiatives aimed at advancing gender equality and removing barriers to entry for women in the cannabis industry. This is vital for creating a more inclusive and equitable regulatory framework.

Nathalie Montenegro, Inventory Manager, Queen City Dispensary

Introduce yourself!

I’m Nat. I’ve been in the industry for three and a half years. I love being an inventory manager at Queen City, but outside of work, you can catch me at the gym, trying to buy a new pair of sneakers, or taking a dab. I love a good Sativa for my crazy and active days and a good indica vape when just lounging around with my cat, Jane.

What inspired you to choose cannabis?

I’ve always been interested in the plant’s many medical attributes. I’ve been researching it for years. When the opportunity finally arrived to work in the industry, I jumped at the chance of becoming a budtender in the medical cannabis market in order to help as many people as I could. The rest is history!

I can’t smoke without…

Limonene, water, Chapstick, Cool Ranch Doritos, and my Fernway disposable vape!

What can the industry improve for women today?

I’d love to see us fostering an inclusive, and supportive environment, where women have equal resources to build up and grow to their full potential. Women are smart and powerful and there should be more representation in higher positions, especially women of color. How else can you see the full picture if it’s not around you?

Support women-own dispensaries like Queen City

At Queen City, we support all things local. Whether that’s through clothing drives, educating the community, or supporting Jersey-grown (and woman-owned) cannabis brands, it’s a core part of our mission to show up for the neighborhood. And when you shop with us, you keep those vibes going — and invest in the women who make central New Jersey a great place for cannabis.