Empowering Women Through Clothing: Recapping Queen City’s WHM Clothing Drive

Two women at QCD's WHM clothing drive.

In celebration of Women’s History Month, Queen City partnered with holistic gardener and community advocate Holistic Heavan for a clothing drive aimed at supporting women in need in the community.

From March 8th to March 28th, the drive held at Queen City collected gently used women’s clothes to benefit those undergoing transitional periods in their lives. Heavan, known for her impactful community work, spearheaded the initiative to ensure the clothes would reach women in the community who could most benefit from the donation. 40 bags of clothing were generously donated by individuals in Plainfield, reflecting the community’s spirit of empathy and support for those in need.

Queens supporting Queens in Plainfield

According to Heavan, the clothing drive’s goal was to provide women with options that would make them feel beautiful and empowered. The decision to partner with Queen City – queens supporting queens, in a sense – came from a desire to collaborate with a local business dedicated to supporting the community.

“I wanted to collaborate with a business that I know is bringing something different and necessary to the community it is a part of,” Heavan said. “Queen City was a great choice because they had a shared interest and goal of giving back to women during this month, which allowed for such an amazing donation turnout.”

Curating a selection of professional, formal, and everyday wear in a wide range of sizes, Heavan said it was important that every woman could find clothing that resonated with them.

“The impact I hope the drive will have on women in the community is giving them access to clean, fashionable, and free clothing during transitional periods in their lives,” explained Heavan. “It was very important for me to collect clothing that women will feel beautiful in!”

Heavan highlighted the significance of events like these in celebrating and honoring women’s history and achievements, emphasizing how initiatives like clothing drives demonstrate exactly how women show up for one another, regardless of background or circumstances.

“Honoring and showing up for all women from different backgrounds and walks of life is always important,” she added. “But especially during Women’s History Month.”

All donated clothes were given to the Salvation Army in Plainfield, ensuring they reach those who need them most.

Empowering women together with Queen City Dispensary

The clothing drive at Queen City Dispensary was a testament to the power of community, compassion, and collaboration. Through initiatives like these, we are able to not only support women but also celebrate them, embodying the true spirit of Women’s History Month. Moving forward, Heavan encourages others in the community to get involved in similar initiatives and support the ongoing efforts. She invites you to follow her on Instagram @holisticheavan to stay connected and support her endeavors.


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