Exploring ButACake: NJ’s Most Innovative Edibles

ButACake’s arrival in the NJ edible market has quickly captured the attention of cannabis enthusiasts thanks to its blend of convenience, quality, and affordability. Despite its newcomer status in the legal market, ButACake brings innovation and excitement, promising new experiences for consumers. Join us as we uncover what makes this brand stand out amidst NJ’s evolving edible landscape.

Get to know ButACake

ButACake is a pioneering edible brand out of Jersey City, New Jersey, which offers unique products like its dissolvable tongue strips. Founded by Matha Figaro, a native of Morristown, ButACake started as a local venture in 2015 and has since transitioned into the legal cannabis marketplace. The company obtained licenses in both New Jersey and Delaware in 2023 and remains dedicated to quality, affordability, and creativity.

Matha and her team leverage a deep connection to New Jersey in their bid to redefine the edibles space, delivering innovative products to consumers. All ButACake products are produced by CannPowerment, a manufacturing team consisting of Figaro, who serves as CEO, and COO James Barrett, in partnership with The Cannabist, a licensed and vertically integrated Alternative Treatment Center in New Jersey.

ButACake At Queen City: What’s Available?

ButACake’s dissolvable tongue strips are among the most intriguing products that set it apart from the crowd. Each package contains two individually wrapped, 20mg dissolvable strips, offering a total of 20mg per package. Currently available in a peach ginger flavor at Queen City, the product features a pure THC formula perfect for any occasion. ButACake Strips produces a consistent, reliable cannabis experience that’s familiar and easy for any consumer. Simply place one strip on the tongue and allow it to dissolve; no inhaling, chewing, or swallowing is necessary.

The strips are designed with inclusivity in mind, being vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and sugar-free to ensure that anyone can enjoy them! They are the first product of their kind in the state, and at under $20 per package, they’re not just delicious but incredibly affordable. Plus, their versatile design allows you to split them in half or even quarters, making it easy to microdose or tailor your experience to your preference.

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Who should try ButACake?

ButACake’s dissolvable tongue strips are a versatile product suitable for many types of consumers. They’re highly portable, so if you’re looking for an easy-to-consume product on the go, look no further. They’re also odorless and discreet, so if subtlety is key, ButACake has got you covered.

They’re also sugar-free, gluten-free, and vegan, so no matter your dietary restrictions they’re a suitable choice. Unlike many other edible products, even the most discerning consumers can rest assured that ButACake’s dissolvable tongue strips meet their needs.

Whether you’re seeking a subtle boost or a full-on adventure, they’re not tied to any specific mood state. Instead, they complement any situation, making them great for any time of day.

These affordable strips are also a good choice for consumers on a budget. When so many cannabis products are expensive, these handy strips cost just $12.75 per pack.

Finally, ButACake strips are great for low-tolerance consumers who want to control the amount they take. They can be easily broken into quarters for microdosing. Are you a high-tolerance consumer? Not to worry; enjoy two at once for an added blast of potency.

How long does it take for ButACake strips to take effect?

Most consumers report experiencing the effects of ButACake strips within 30 minutes of consumption, with the full onset of sensations within two hours. Each 10mg dose will typically offer a two- to four-hour experience.

Can I Mix ButACake strips with other cannabis products?

ButACake Strips are versatile and can be enjoyed on their own or integrated into your existing cannabis routine. For example, you can enjoy your preferred strain, then relax and take a ButACake strip to boost potency and complement your experience. We always recommend being mindful of your overall THC intake, however, and starting with a low dose when combining products to avoid overconsumption.

Are ButACake strips suitable for microdosing?

ButACake strips are designed to be split into halves or quarters to microdose according to your preference. This flexibility makes them an excellent option for those who want to enjoy the benefits of cannabis in smaller, controlled amounts.

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Discover ButACake at Queen City

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